Dandelion Hunter

Dandelion Hunter Author Rebecca Lerner (Botanizer)
ISBN-10 0762780622
Release 2013
Pages 215
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A hip, young Portland writer tells of her quest to become proficient at survival off the grid in this entertaining story of adventure and discovery. Her foray into foraging covers four hot-selling subjects—food, nature, survival, and sustainability.

Unseen City

Unseen City Author Nathanael Johnson
ISBN-10 9781623363857
Release 2016-04-05
Pages 256
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It all started with Nathanael Johnson's decision to teach his daughter, Josephine, the names of every tree they passed as they walked up the hill to daycare in San Francisco, CA. it was a ridiculous project, not just because she couldn't even say the word "tree" yet, but also because he couldn't name a single one of them. When confronted with the futility of his mission, his instinctive response was to expand it, Don Quixote-style, until its audacity obscured its stupidity. And so the project expanded to include an expertise in city-dwelling birds (the raptors, the shockingly shrewd crows, the gulls, the misunderstood pigeons), rodents (raccoons, rats, squirrels), and tiny crawling things (the superpowers of snails, the vast intercontinental warfare of ants). There's an unseen world all around us. There are wonders that we walk past every day without noticing. Johnson has written a book that will widen the pinhole through which we see the world. What does the world look like through the eyes of a peregrine falcon, or a raccoon, or an ant? What does a sidewalk Gingko balboa "see?" What would you learn each morning if you understood how to speak pigeon? If we look closely enough, Johnson believes that the walk to the subway can be just as entrancing as a walk through the forest. Follow along as the author and his family search for the beauty and meaning of nature in an urban jungle.

Midwest Foraging

Midwest Foraging Author Lisa M. Rose
ISBN-10 9781604697025
Release 2016-03-16
Pages 320
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From fields to woodlands, riverbeds, and lakesides—and even in our own neighborhoods—the beautiful Midwest is rich in delicious wild edibles. Herbalist, forager, and urban farmer Lisa M. Rose helps you find peppery watercress and delectable nettles at a nearby lake in the spring and nutritious burdock roots from sunny fields in the fall. Try brewing chai from roasted hickory or beech nuts, or capturing the citrus notes of pine needles in a lightly fermented, aromatic ale. Savor the delicate snow-pea flavor of rampant kudzu greens in the southern part of the region, or, in cool-running northern marsh waters, gather nutty wild rice for a foraged feast.

Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up

Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up Author Lupa
ISBN-10 9780738747828
Release 2016-01-08
Pages 288
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Nature Spirituality from the Ground Up invites you to go beyond simply exploring the symbols of nature and encourages you to bury your hands in the earth and work with the real thing. This is a book on green spirituality that makes a difference, empowering you to connect with totems as a part of your spiritual life. Uniquely approaching totems as beings we can give to, rather than take from, Lupa shows how orienting yourself this way deepens your spiritual connection to the earth and helps you rejoin the community of nature. And while most books on totems focus on animals, Nature Spirituality from the Ground Up helps you work with interconnected ecosystems of totems: plants, fungi, minerals, waterways, landforms, and more.

Harvest Free Food By Foraging Wild Fungi and Berries

Harvest Free Food By Foraging Wild Fungi and Berries Author Beth Eaglescliffe
ISBN-10 9781326330569
Release 2015-06-27
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Wild-crafting and foraging are fun but should be done in a responsible manner. This e-book contains some good practice guidelines to follow when harvesting edible free food. They relate to the sustainability of wildlife and to ensuring the gathered plants are not poisonous.

Sekrety ro lin i zwierz t w miejskiej d ungli

Sekrety ro  lin i zwierz  t w miejskiej d  ungli Author Nathanael Johnson
ISBN-10 9788365442772
Release 2017-05-18
Pages 312
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Majestatyczny gołąb, uroczy ślimak, mistyczny miłorząb – każdy z nich ma do opowiedzenia ciekawą historię Wszystko zaczęło się, kiedy Nathanael Johnson postanowił nauczyć córeczkę nazw wszystkich drzew, które mijali w drodze do przedszkola w San Francisco. Mały projekt zamienił się w wielką przygodę mającą na celu odkrycie sekretów i ciekawostek dotyczących fauny i flory w mieście. Sekrety roślin i zwierząt w miejskiej dżungli uchylają rąbka tajemnicy z życia zwierząt i roślin, które znajdziesz na pobliskim skwerze, w parku czy przy drodze do pracy. Lupa, lornetka i przewodnik - tylko tyle potrzeba, aby poznać fascynujący świat miejskiej przyrody. Każdy z bohaterów książki odkrywa nie tylko własną historię, ale ukazuje również prawdziwe oblicze świata natury – który bywa przewrotny, czasem irytuje, ale przede wszystkim jest przepiękny. Zagłębiając się w miejską dżunglę, dowiesz się, że gołębie potrafią latać z prędkością 177 kilometrów na godzinę oraz dobierają się w pary na całe życie, a wrony nie tylko zapamiętują ludzkie twarze, ale potrafią robić na złość tym, którzy wchodzą im w drogę. Z kolei liście nasturcji idealnie nadają się na kanapkę, a składniki na najlepszą sałatkę znajdziesz w parku.

The New Wildcrafted Cuisine

The New Wildcrafted Cuisine Author Pascal Baudar
ISBN-10 9781603586061
Release 2016-03-24
Pages 432
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With detailed recipes for ferments, infusions, spices, and other preparations Wild foods are increasingly popular, as evidenced by the number of new books about identifying plants and foraging ingredients, as well as those written by chefs about culinary creations that incorporate wild ingredients (Noma, Faviken, Quay, Manreza, et al.). The New Wildcrafted Cuisine, however, goes well beyond both of these genres to deeply explore the flavors of local terroir, combining the research and knowledge of plants and landscape that chefs often lack with the fascinating and innovative techniques of a master food preserver and self-described “culinary alchemist.” Author Pascal Baudar views his home terrain of southern California (mountain, desert, chaparral, and seashore) as a culinary playground, full of wild plants and other edible and delicious foods (even insects) that once were gathered and used by native peoples but that have only recently begun to be re-explored and appreciated. For instance, he uses various barks to make smoked vinegars, and combines ants, plants, and insect sugar to brew primitive beers. Stems of aromatic plants are used to make skewers. Selected rocks become grinding stones, griddles, or plates. Even fallen leaves and other natural materials from the forest floor can be utilized to impart a truly local flavor to meats and vegetables, one that captures and expresses the essence of season and place. This beautifully photographed book offers up dozens of creative recipes and instructions for preparing a pantry full of preserved foods, including Pickled Acorns, White Sage-Lime Cider, Wild Kimchi Spice, Currant Capers, Infused Salts with Wild Herbs, Pine Needles Vinegar, and many more. And though the author’s own palette of wild foods are mostly common to southern California, readers everywhere can apply Baudar’s deep foraging wisdom and experience to explore their own bioregions and find an astonishing array of plants and other materials that can be used in their own kitchens. The New Wildcrafted Cuisine is an extraordinary book by a passionate and committed student of nature, one that will inspire both chefs and adventurous eaters to get creative with their own local landscapes.

How to Survive Off the Grid

How to Survive Off the Grid Author Tim MacWelch
ISBN-10 9781681881522
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 224
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A guide for the modern homesteader, this book covers energy efficiency, finding and pumping your own water, keeping chickens, goats, bees, and other critters, and much more from a practical hands-on perspective.